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Hero 1.0

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It has been over 4 months since we announced Hero (originally Homeless Helper) and today we are releasing version 1.0

The journey to version 1.0 was amazing. People from all over the world have tried out the app and given us all kinds of great feedback, thank you!

We also want to thank the official beta testers from the Jon Bon Jovi (JBJ) Soul Kitchen. Without all of you, Hero could never have gotten to where it is today.

Version 1.0 comes with many new features and a polished UX. We wanted to not only build the ultimate tool for caregivers and the homeless, but provide a pleasant user experience as well.

Try it out today!

Check out the website for more details at heroapp.us

The Hero API

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We want to embrace the developer community by offering a new feature for Hero…

As of today the Hero API is now live

Developers can now create custom plugins and integrate their data with Hero

Learn more at developer.heroapp.us

Introducing Hero

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Today we are excited to announce that Homeless Helper is now Hero

Don’t worry, it’s the same great app with a new awesome name!

Check out the updated website at heroapp.us

Stay tuned… more updates coming this week!

Meet Homeless Helper

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Homeless Helper was initially created for the Project REACH Mobile App Challenge. The goal of the contest is to develop a solution for bringing real-time data to caregivers and the homeless. Homeless Helper provides near real-time information to the people who need it. Information such as shelters close to your location, bed availability of those shelters, nearby places to eat a meal and more.

Homeless Helper is a finalist in the Project REACH Mobile App Challenge!

There is a cool write up about Project REACH on the White House website.

Check out the website for more details at http://homelesshelper.us

Press Release: Fyndlr

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Our first press release…


fyndlr: The Lost & Found Box with Location-based Crowdsourcing

People lose things every day, it’s inevitable. The team at JJAppCo wanted to create an interactive and modernized version of the typical missing poster. So they developed fyndlr, a website and companion iPhone app, to help people find their lost stuff.

fyndlr provides a streamlined system for posting lost or found items at specific locations. Users can specify certain details and provide a picture. To help spread the word, alerts are automatically sent to other users who are checked-in nearby.

Many organizations that specialize in helping to locate missing pets and people are already using fyndlr to enhance their efforts.

The fyndlr website and app are both completely free for everyone!

More information about fyndlr can be found at http://fyndlr.com and on Twitter @fyndlr. Also follow the development team’s blog at http://blog.jjapp.co and on Twitter @JJAppCo.

About JJAppCo

Based out of Manchester, New Jersey, JJAppCo was formed by Jessi Schoenleber and Joe Nicosia. Jessi is a talented iOS developer who loves to create beautiful user-friendly mobile apps. Joe has over 15 years of experience with development and systems engineering; he won several app development contests in 2010 and 2011. Follow them on Twitter @supersuperjessi and @joet3ch.

If you’d like more information about fyndlr, or to request an interview with the founders, please email [email protected].

Download the PDF version

Watching Web Visitor Flow

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fyndlr has been live for over 2 weeks now and we have been following the analytics. We are really fond of the new realtime beta in Google Analytics, but the visitor flow tool is a great way to see what your visitors are actually doing. Here is an example from the past couple days on fyndlr.com

Awaiting App Store Approval

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We made the deadline for the App Store submission before the iTunes holiday shutdown!

Now we’re just waiting to be approved and hoping it’s before the app reviewers go on break…

Our First 15 Users

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It’s been 5 days since we announced fyndlr and the app has not gone live yet… But we already have users! Since we’re using KickoffLabs for our landing page, users are able to signup to be notified when the app is available on the app store.
We have 15 signups so far in our first 5 days. That number may sound small, but we have 15 users and haven’t even launched yet! This is incredible and we’re excited to see how many signups we can get before the app is launched.
Please help spread the word and tell your friends, family, co-workers, strangers on the street and everyone else in the world about fyndlr!
You can signup at fyndlr.kickofflabs.com and follow us on Twitter @fyndlr.
And if you’re a startup in need of an awesome landing page, the folks at KickoffLabs are good people.

Pre-Launch Party!

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Welcome to the pre-launch party! We’re super excited to tell the whole world about fyndlr.
In short, fyndlr is an app that helps people find their loved ones and lost stuff. We’ve built a virtual lost and found box that is location-aware, and lives in the cloud. When someone or something is lost, people nearby are alerted.
After months of research, design and development, the app is almost ready for the App Store. Real people will be testing the iPhone app this week before we make our submission to Apple.
While you’re waiting, please help us spread the word. The more people who use fyndlr, the more happiness in the world — we promise!
You can signup fyndlr to be notified when the app is available on the App Store.